Dear Tiger
Bob Beverley
A Book for Tiger Woods and for Us All
In thirty-five letters to Tiger Woods, psychotherapist Bob Beverley illumines the possible dynamics behind the fall of Tiger Woods—dynamics that are a part of every human life.  He offers wisdom on relationships, affairs and the many ways we cheat ourselves and one another.  He explores the related issues of guilt, shame, leaving people behind, forgiveness and starting over again.

This is a book written for real people with real problems—who want to make their life better.

If you want to throw stones at Tiger Woods, do not buy this book. If you want to be wiser about relationships, your inner life and illusions of the world, put down your stones and buy this book today.

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"A real account of human behavior (and misbehavior) from the trenches of a therapist's office. This book is filled with wise advice and compassion. It is brilliant and true. Bob holds out a mirror to all who are willing to take an honest look. Not always pretty...but potentially a life changer. That part is up to you."
—Mollie Marti, Ph.D. Founder,

"Bob Beverley is that rarest of individuals whose depth of understanding matches his ability to communicate. Bob has a unique take on the true complexity of what it takes to break into action—to take the best parts of yourself, leap over your personal fences and head off across the far field at a healthy clip. His is a profound talent. I remain grateful for access to it."
Denver, Colorado

"Your writing on Tiger Woods is a beautiful, profound, and truthful perspective."
—The Rev. Mark Allen,
Christ Church on Quaker Hill, Pawling, NY

"Bob Beverley understands human nature and what really matters to you and me better than anyone I know. He has the ability to take your difficult, sad or tough day and cause you to find a ray of light inside yourselves when it seems there might only be darkness."

—Dr. Kevin Hogan, Author of The Psychology of Persuasion, Internationally known
persuasion expert and public speaker

"I agree with the premise. We are all good and we are all evil, with the potential to be more of one than the other. The whole book gives the lie to the notion that there are some people, like Tiger before the levee breaks, that "have it made", that never have to worry. That is crap. We all go through storms - every single one of us. And we all go through truly sublime moments in which love, life, and God become visible. Very good stuff."
—James B. Lebenthal
President, Equity Asset Management, Lebenthal Asset Management
New York, NY

Bob Beverley
Bob Beverley is a psychotherapist in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York State, USA. He has written Digging Life Deeper: A Guide to Emotional Elegance and How to Be a Christian and Still Be Sane and The Secret Behind the Secret Law of Attraction (with Kevin Hogan, Dave Lakhani, and Blair Warren). His website is FindWisdomNow. com, where you can discover advice that has, as Bob says, "been road-tested in the emotional emergency ward I have always worked in. What I have to say is not a stage show. My audience comes back next week." Bob can be reached at, where you can sign up for his weekly Ezine called The Dig.

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